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Permanent Hair Removal

Laser hair removal – The laser changes from the energy that emits light to the energy that emits heat when it locates the root and precisely destroys the base of the target hair follicle. Since the root is destroyed, it can no longer produce hair. The hairs that remain on the root base fall off. For optimal results, the hair must have melanin pigment in the follicle so the laser will not work on white, gray or reddish hair. Very fine hair may also not be affected, as it does not have enough density and therefore not enough melanin for the laser treatment to work properly. Upon arrival at the beauty salon, the first step is a consultation with one of our beauticians. Depending on which part(s) of your body you would like to be treated, they will assess and decide if this treatment is suitable for you. Together with you, we will then work out a treatment plan that is individual for you. Depending on your skin and hair type, the right applicator for the laser will be selected. Prior to treatment, patients must avoid tanning in a tanning bed and any sun exposure for two weeks. Patients should also avoid hair removal creams, epilating or waxing for at least 6 weeks prior to treatment. The only form of hair removal that can be performed is shaving. This is because the laser targets the hair root and it needs to be there during the treatment. All other forms of hair removal remove the hair root and can interfere with the proper functioning of the laser and achieving optimal results for hair removal. Shave 1 day befor treatment Use a sunscreen with SPF 50 on the area of skin being treated.

We treat almost every part of the body.


  1. Chest + Belly – 149€
  2. Legs compl. + Intim incl. Bikini+ Armpits – 259€
  3. Back + Nape + Tail Bone – 149€
  4. Full Face + Chin – 99€
  5. Intim incl. Bikini + Armpits – 129€
  6. Upper Lips or Chin + Armpits + Arms Compl. + Intim incl. Bikini + Po + Legs compl. – 329€

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