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Permanent (long-term) hair removal –

We work with a high-power medical diode laser for doctors and beauty institutes.

Benefits of high-end diode lasers: – Lasting results; Safe, gentle and fast; Less irritation & no ingrown hairs; Improved skin texture; Softer skin.

Before the treatment: – 4 weeks before the appointment you should refrain from epilation (waxing, sugar paste, plucking and epilating); as well as 2 weeks before no solarium, or intensive sunbathing; 1-2 days before the affected skin area must be shaved; on the day of treatment you must refrain from make-up, fragrances (Perfume or deodorant) or lotions or cream.

After the treatment: – You should avoid sunbathing and tanning beds for 10-14 days. Sun protection with at least sun protection factor 30 is very important. Shaving is always permitted!

How many treatments are necessary: – The duration of permanent hair removal depends on the body area to be treated, hormone status, hair color, density and texture of the hair. From my experience you need 8 to 12 treatments.

Why are several treatments necessary? – Each hair grows in 3 phases (anagen/growth, catagen/transition and telogen/rest), which have a different duration depending on the body region. This cycle is constantly repeated. New hair grows every day and hair falls out every day. Hair can only be destroyed during the growth phase. 20% of hairs are in this phase, which is why it is necessary to repeat the treatment at the right intervals.

Possible contraindications: – Skin lichen, eczema, herpes; metabolic disorders, epilepsy or other diseases / infections that can be triggered by intense light; skin injuries and inflammation; tattoos or permanent make-up; wounds, skin inflammation and dark moles; tendency to pigment shift (hyperpigmentation); pacemakers, defibrillators or other electromagnetic implants in the body; some autoimmune diseases (e.g. diabetes); thrombosis; skin cancer (melanoma); taking light-sensitizing agents (antibiotics, St. John’s wort). e.g. diabetes; thrombosis; skin cancer (melanoma); taking light-sensitizing agents (antibiotics, St. John’s wort); we also advise against laser treatment for pregnant women. Although no side effects or dangers are directly known, our devices have not been tested on pregnant women in clinical trials; white and gray hair.

Laser Hair Removal

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